G203 seat options...?

Hey everyone my 203 drivers seat doesn’t incline or decline. Being in Tasmania their is not for wreck so my next best option is what is a direct bolt in replacement…?

You are limited to g200 series Charade unfortunately. The best bolt in option is the Detomaso Charade seats.

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So any charade series seats will bolt straight in ?

Only in the g20# serious, anything before this and the Applause won’t fit.

G200…? Cause you wrote g20#

Yep any G20# series. What Dale means is any model that starts with G20, the last digit can change.

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One last question one I put my foot on the accelerator the car jolts any advice…?

If it’s like a thudding sound on acceleration it’s probably your engine mounts

No I can’t hear it just fell it any ideas ? strong text

Fuel blockage, timing, could be anything really.

Yep change fuel filter and go from there

Fuel filter wouldn’t have a shudder it fells like a driveline part

Check the rubber bushes on the crossmember that runs from under the radiator support to the rear of the engine.

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it will be your cv shafts replace them both. took away my shudder on take off

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Hard to change not bad on the tools…?

Put it this way i broke a breaker bar with a massive steel pole on the end of it trying to get my hub nut off alone.
Replaced it under lifetime warranty then put the new one on the hub nut and stuck a jack under the breaker bar handle and jacked it up. The whole car lifted the front end and the nut didnt budge.
So it depends on how the nuts been put on. Might need an air rattle gun if some dick head has over tightened it previously.

How long should it take if that nut its that right weighing up if it’s worth giving to the mechanic. I use this for my daily

Shouldn’t take to long to do. Few hours maybe. mechanic i deal through at work only charged me like 65 bucks. But that was mates rates

This is also a good idea, mine are completely shot. Welby, any ideas where I can get new ones?

I bought the three bushes and the internal metal collars genuine from a toyota dealer for around $60 from memory. I’ll dig up the part numbers for you.