G2xx Brake Upgrade Discussion

Been a bit of talk about brakes on G200’s lately, so I will share what I have read, please note I have not yet done any upgrades to mine. Also not sure what will fit under what sized wheels but I run 15x6.5 +38 with 195/50x15’s

Standard front is 234mm solid. Ventilated Applause rotor @234mm is widely used as replacement. Later model Pyzar GRV have 250mm rotors listed, would have to also use same calipers, apparently they bolt straight on. All are listed @18mm thickness.
Applause rear brake setup fits, need the knuckles, hubs, calipers, rotors and importantly hand brake cables.
Wilwood do a “Budget” 4 piston caliper, the GP320, I have priced from a couple of australian websites at $230 each plus freight. Please note *** Minimum Rotor Thickness is 19mm for these *** Would also need Custom Mounting Brackets Made.
AP Racing list a suitable Rotor for these, 254mm x 20.8mm, 4×100 +38 offset, haven’t yet found these here in Aus but haven’t looked hard.

These are just what i am looking at for a daily driver road upgrade, please add any others you have done or heard of and what was/is involved :smiley:





‘A’ Diameter mm 254.0
‘B’ Thickness mm 20.7
Mounting Ø ‘M’ P.C.D. mm 100.0
Mounting Number 4
Mounting Fixing Type Bolted
Mounting Hole Diameter 14.7
‘C’ Diameter mm 62.0
‘D’ Diameter mm 121.3
‘E’ Diameter mm 170.0
‘F’ Dimension mm 8.2
‘G’ Dimension mm 38.2
Max Pad Depth D41
Weight Kg 4.3
Face Type G4

Associated Brake Pads listed on the Wilwood Site, 6 different ones to choose from depending on application.


Looks like you’ve done a fair bit of research @Mokeman. I’ve also been looking into a front brake upgrade, however I was aiming for a bit bigger brake size between 280mm to 300mm. Depending on the caliper setup it would still fit under certain 15 inch wheels. One thing I’ve notice though is the center bore/spigot diameter on the rotors you’ve mentioned is 62mm (c measurement you’ve provided). I was under the impression that the spigot/hub size on the g2xx series used a 56.1mm spigot/hub. Wouldn’t this need a centric ring to be used also?

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would definitely have to look at that, haven’t gone much further than what i have posted, mainly been seeing what is on the “Cheaper But Better Than Standard” side of things. Bigger rotors means you should have more choice, ie two piece etc and more choice of calipers as well, mounting would be same, ie custom brackets. As with everything, better to do research and get a clear idea of things and costs involved before spending/wasting dollars :smiley:

From what I’ve read the hub size on the g2xx series is 56.1mm and I measure a wheel venter the other day and I’m pretty sure it’s also 56.1mm. From what I can tell mini rotors are a good place to start as redrilling other rotors isn’t really an option for roadworthyness in Australia. If you can find a non s mini cooper from 2007 onwards I’m fairly certain that they have a 280mm x 22mm rotor with a 56.1mm center and are already 4x100. But I’ll have to do a bit more research into that.

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After some research it would appear that although the minis do have a 56.1mm wheel hub, the carrier for the brake rotor itself is bigger and therefore you could not use a mini rotor on the g2xx series without a centric ring of some type which I’m not so keen on.

For two piece look into 11.75" Afco (speedway) 8 bolt rotors. For alu center hats there are a few places in the USA that will make you an 8 bolt pair landed here for $200-300 a pair. Bolts to suit are not to expensive. You’ll have to do your own math to see what fits with your caliper and wheels. I am sizing up an old pair of US Brake F88i calipers I have to see if they will fit on the front and in my 15" wheels. May end up using some RX7 alu series 4 four sport calipers on the rear as they are a relatively small piston and I have a set sitting around.

This is some great info. Makes things a lot easier. I had conceded to the fact that I would need to get some custom hats. Is the US the only option or would a good machine shop be able to make some up?

Any good machine shop can. I’ve done them myself before. Finding some reasonable price alu is a pain. Nowdays I just do my own rotor slotting on my mill at work. For hats try here


Not worth making them at those prices, even after postage.

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@Mr_Gormsby again with the incredibly useful info! Thanks again. I had done a bit of searching for universal hats but hadn’t come across these yet. I noticed the 4 stud hats have a 48mm center. I assume these would need to be machined out to the 56.1mm the g2xx needs.

Better to have a small hole that you can make bigger than to have even a tiny amount to fill. Should be able to hold them in a smallish lathe and bore to size.

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Fair enough, well that sorts most of the rotor issues out, but the question then becomes what else do you need to match. I assume the master cylinder/booster setup would need to be upgraded and then the proportioning valve adjusted accordingly?

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Cylinder matching can be a combination of maths and trial and error. I am still running the std master and booster. I have made a pedal box with adjustable bias, dash mount knob and brake pedal is strengthened. imagine it will need to go in when I go over to the four spots front and rear. But the calipers will go on first and I will see what the pedal travel is like with the original set up.

Does the G2xx have a cross over brake line system, for example - two line running all the way to the rear? If so you need to swap over to a single line to the rear and add an adjustable proportioning valve. I would not muck around with original valves. If it has to be pulled apart for any adjustment it will drive you crazy.

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Are there any more updates, since 2017? I’m driving a g201 1.6 gti but think the brakes are quite rubbish, it has new pads & rotors on the front and back. There ain’t happening real much for the force you have to apply to the pedal. Even EBC makes only Oem pads and no performance pads.

@Timmeh, sorry bloke, didn’t end pursuing this as my car was involved in an accident just after Christmas 2017 and insurance company wrote it off as chassis got a little bent in the front :frowning:

Ah sorry to hear that mate. Did just found out that only the rear brake pads of an applause are almost the same. EBC brakes does make greenstuff pads for the applause so ill give these a try https://www.ebay.com/itm/EBC-GreenStuff-Brake-Pads-for-DAIHATSU-Applause-DP2765/111679299017?epid=18029875584&hash=item1a009addc9:g:3EIAAOSwAKxWZi66

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