Gauging interest - K3 throttle body service

Might be a non-starter, but I wondered if there is any appetite for people to have their throttle bodies overhauled?

Having done this myself I now have a small store of spares, enough to offer it as a service to other members on an exchange basis. If you post me your throttle body assembly I can post you back an overhauled unit. Services include:

  • Polishing to improve airflow and reduce/eliminate sticky throttle butterfly causing jerky running - £50.00
  • Replace troublesome idle control valve with brand new unit - £40.00
  • External blasting/detailing of throttle body - £TBC

I’m currently able to offer these services on throttle bodies for K3 engined cars (K3-VE, K3-VE2, K3-VET) and hope to branch out to other throttle bodies too. If I have the parts in stock then turnaround should be 1-2 days, if its something I’ve not got to hand it might take me a week or two to get sorted. We can sort it out depending on your needs when you message me.

depending on demand I’ll actually draw up a price list for these services. I can do everything, or just certain things depending on your needs and budget.