G'day 92 L200 stamped Mira

G’day from Brisbane check me 92 Mira project out

Yeah so I got this thing a year ago, haven’t done to much with it since but I’m medicated now and keen to work on it. It’s pretty messy, it was someone else’s project and needs some work lol.

Check out this wonderful home job lol, that’s on the list. I couldn’t find any turbo mani for these so I’m guessing I’ll have to get a custom one.

Compressed air outlet on the turbo, the pod filter feels like it was oil in too but I did some reading and could be the oil lines. Some have a slight kink.

It’s running two fuel regulators, I’m assuming it got an oversized fuel pump and one’s for overflow but man does she run rich as.

Also is this ok? My Revs/history check showed no crashes but not much information either.

Right now I’m just doing exploratory surgery, replacing a few things, finding where things lead because it’s a jungle in there. Like is that air intake stock? my manual telling me it should have a carby. My plans are to turn it into a fun cornering daily because I am a grip guy. I’m here for help, to learn and ask questions.

If you have any advice it is appreciated like where I can place jack stands safely also I’m super tied so forgive my lack on info I’ll revisit this in the morning I just wanted to get a post on here tonight :smiley:


hey mate welcome to livetodai forums.
I had forgotten all about that car.
It is the re-shelled car that Liam and Took had. Look up Liam and Took on youtube and you will find out more about the car before it was re-shelled into the current one.
Everything was done at home for that one with bugger all budget.
It has a franken engine which is an ed (850cc) block with an efi efel Head (660cc).
I hope you can get it running nice.
If you can afford it getting an aftermarket ecu will be your best investment for the car so you can have it tuned properly.


Yeah a new ECU is already on the parts list because then I can run more sensors to a lil raspberry pi that will give me all my sensors, speed and revs. I also want one so I can get a coil pack for it if it can be done, not sure if I need a ECU to run them instead of the dizzy but I am assuming you do and I’m sure it will allow for better timing because she runs rough and rich atm.

Cheers for the tip, I’ve been watching and learning about it all morning. I left them a comment asking them to get in contact with me on here and I’m pretty sure they’re on here already but if anyone knows them personally it’d be a massive help if you mention that I’d love to have a chat about them.

What’s really funny is that I was actually heading to that MCM QR meet in my old s14 but on the way there I was like screw this because it was insanely hot day and I didn’t really care for MCM. Just wanted to meet some new people.

Always looking for more car friends, in person or online. I am ADHD Autistic so I don’t have a lot of mates, the ones I do have are very close mates and only one of them is a car guy but not a really a guy who likes working on others cars for fun.

I want to turn this into a cornering machine. Since I’m 6ft3 I love small light cars with a lot of down force but it will be funny to see peoples reactions when I get out of it.

Anyways Project bigfoot is a go.