G'day, Buddha here 🙂

G’day, my name’s Steve (Buddha to my mates) and I’ve just joined the forum.

Now I don’t own a Daihatsu yet, but I do have a 2017 Kia Picanto, which was the smallest 5 door new car in Oz at the time, I’m a big fella who loves tiny cars!

I found my way here after seeing some cool little Mira’s at a Munchies meet here in Brissie (not sure if they’re members) and thought if I want to see some other tiny cars, the Daihatsu forums should have a few!

I hope you don’t mind my Kia tagging along with you guys!



Hi Buddha, Welcome to the forum!
Yes that is some of the member’s from here and some from the facebook group as well. I have been a few times to munchies with the regular white mira’s that seem to go more often. I have a daihatsu Move that is an A Team inspired micro (labelled dai team) van.
Have a look around but careful the dai bug can bite and once it does it can be hard to find a cure!


G’day mate, and welcome to the forum. The Dai-bug will bite at some stage, and when it does it doesn’t matter if it is full on or just a nibble.


Welcome to the forum Buddha :smiley: