G'Day everyone

Hello everyone!

Love the site and amazing threads I’ve read so far.

I’m a 3rd year mechanic but I have gone a different career path since I had a spinal injury at workplace and things will never be the same.

Regardless my love for engineering and mechanical stays charged up!

I just recently acquired a 2001 1.0 Daihatsu sirion and thought it was going to be a fixer upper and flip kinda deal but I have just absolutely taken to the Daihatsu that I’m selling my Rio daily and keeping the sirion!

The previous owner took alot of care with the car, incredible and clean. It seems like the perfect car and probably least costly to do up.

It’s lowered on aftermarket suspension, and has four new wheels, sports exhaust but not all the way to headers from what I can see somewhere from the centre area.

Tinted windows aftermarket cd and just had a timing belt done.

It was like a gut instinct to ask the owner if it needed a clutch because it does! I have to rev the absolute donkey out of her just to get her going! But does not bother me I was so surprised how small the clutch was!!

I have not done it yet but will do very soon.

I actually found this forum because someone referred it as I couldn’t and still can’t find a legitimate workshop manual to save my life! So I’m hoping someone on here could send me one or a legitimate website to buy one, I am a torque specs kinda guy.

If anyone could help with that it would be amazing.

Anyway I’m just joining up and hope to post more the more I do, I’m struggling to find parts for it, ever our local Australian parts stores have to source things I can’t find. Maybe you guys know of a legitimate site I can buy stuff.

There is a local bloke who is wrecking the same car as mine and I’m thinking About buying the car for it’s engine and trans to rebuild, Ive read they eat tranny’s so any advice on that area would be great.

Eventually I’d love to turbo it but again can’t find a kit for the life of me.

Thanks for listening!


Welcome mate! Great looking sirion.
You should be able to access the manuals section soon. So you can go through and find anything that may be relevant to what you need.
I am presuming you are looking for ejde (3cyl) stuff and well the closest turbo kit you can get is one from an efdet 3cy 659cc. Malaysia is your best bet. be aware that if you turbo an ejde you will need an aftermarket ecu or the efdet one may work but not really sure to be honest. If you don’t do this then they will make the engine go pop.
as for gearbox’s I haven’t seen many of them breaking to be honest. The 4cyl gtvi sirion gearbox’s are a different story to the 3cyl ones.


Absolutely amazing response mate really appreciate that gold information.

For now I’m going to fix the clutch do some minor paint work and enjoy the ride.

I would appreciate eventually gaining access to manuals before I attempt to do the clutch, I have seen a YouTuber do a clutch on a 1.3 model sirion just from underneath so I’m going to attempt the same.

Turbo will be in the future, I assume most cars that have turbo options have engines made for the application, not sure if I could just turbo the stock edej engine? It’s an eventual project I guess.

I did see the Wikipedia saying that the sirions were bought and changed to a different name and produced in Malaysia, someone told me there might be someone people who have sources directly from them parts wise. I can’t find a whole lot especially aftermarket, like a flywheel for example, I was gonna just buy a new one but probably will just resurface the one that’s already in it.

Appreciate all the info I can get matr

you can get a flywheel lightened as there is a lot of meat that can come off them. Just need to take it to a machine shop to do it. The stock engines hold up pretty well. We have seen them hold up for some time at 20psi. Pesonally about 15psi is great. There is a guy in the facebook group that has a turbo sirion and I think his is about 10-15 psi. He was at our last track day at QR and the sirion survived quite well. Have a read through a few builds and you will find what is capable with them as many people put them in an L2,L5 or L6.

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Well said.

I’m starting to find some great threads!

Evil I’m trying to find a manual in the manual section for the EJ-DE 1.0 would it be under a different mode name?

think there was an L700 Kelissa one maybe
been a while since i looked

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The engine part for this should give you what you need

Awesome mate, it says I’m unable to access document

@Mokeman are you able to help out? I can’t check the permissions.