G'day from Australia

Hey all

My name is Kev and I am located in Geelong Vic.
I am a self employed motor mechanic with 4x4s and regular passenger vehicles making up my usual workload.
I’ve played around with VW beetles but I have no experience with Daihatsus.

I was recently given a 2001 Cuore which is in excellent shape (Will post pictures later)
My aim is for it to be 2022s build project and I am thinking of doing a K3 swap as a part of the project.
Looking forward to learning more about this awesome little car.


Welcome Kev

L700 nice little platform for a project and there is heaps of info within the forum and many have done the K3 swap on varying level’s I’m sure you should find a lot of info within the digital pages. There are heaps of build threads full of info.
Looking forward to seeing some pics too. :slight_smile:

Welcome. The K3ve swap is a good thing. The only regret in the one I helped with was not doing a light flywheel.