G'day from Central Australia

Hey guys, finally back in the driver’s seat of a Daihatsu after way too long! Picked up a 1993 Charade DeTomaso, something I’ve wanted for a loooong time now.

I’ll have a few questions and I’m searching for a few parts so thought I’d join up and try to learn a thing or two from everyone! I live in Alice Springs so parts and local knowhow is gonna be hard to come by.

Cheers guys!


A DeTomaso, very nice. Can’t wait to see some pictures. Welcome to the Dai family chronicles here.


Detomasso very hard to find these days nice score. I presume alot of standard charade parts will fit this I saw your post on cv’s and the standard charade cv’s may fit but not really sure either way If you do buy some standard ones I would not throw away the old ones just incase there is a difference in the shaft and you can just get the inner and out put on the shaft. Just a thought. I haven’t owned a detomasso so Im not really qualified for an accurate answer.

Welocme to the forum

Thanks guys!

I know at least one shaft is totally different due to the LSD, so being a jackshaft it seems to be pretty hard to come by. I’m hoping someone knows a supplier or wrecker in Japan somewhere.