G'day guys!

Hi! My name is Luca, 17, from QLD and I’m looking at getting a Daihatsu for my very first project car! I’ve perused through this forum for a few months now, but as time progresses, the reality of getting a Daihatsu for my first project car is slowly becoming true!

Looking forward to asking you guys many questions and I’m very excited to chat to you guys about cars!

See you around!


welcome Luca.
Let us all know how you go with your first project car and what you get. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum luca :slight_smile: Great to see a young person with an interest in Dai’s :+1::+1::+1:

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Welcome from another newbie, can’t go wrong with the Daihatsu’s, fond memories of my previous Applause and Charades.
Good luck with you’re searching.

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Welcome to livetodai.com, looking forward to seeing your project become a reality

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Welcome Luca. Generally where are you in Qld? Looking forward to hearing about your Dai sojourn and following any adventures.

I’m up on the Sunny Coast! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey good to see you , What are you looking for ?

Sorry for the late reply! For Daihatsu’s, I’m either looking for a L200 Mira or a early 80’s Charade like this.

If I’m looking at other manufacturers, I have a keen eye for first and second gen Civics as I love their styles! Probably would prefer a Daihatsu as they are quite unique :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: