G'day, Vinnie from Adelaide

Hey, Vin from Adelaide here, I’m on most of the Aussie Daihatsu pages on facebook but thought i’d join the forum as well

Daily: '91 L200 Mira 2D Ed10 Carby
Projects: '89 & '86 L80 Handivans, 5Spd Ed10 with 660 12v head and 5spd Ed10 carby (the two in the pic)

In the process of turbo-ing the white handi with the frankenstein motor using the pink one as a donor car for the nice limited ed. black interior mainly, planning to be kitted out with braided fuel lines,trxx injectors, trxx exhaust manifold, trxx e.c.u., little rhb31 turbo, front mount, battery relocation, L70 turbo cluster, HD clutch, recon driveshafts, s13 coilovers, custom exhaust, rear strut brace, old school 80s corolla racing seats, 12" watanabes… I’m having fun anyway lol

May be asking for some help during the build as i’ve gone full custom and haven’t even done a normal person project car before lol

Cheers (:


That`s amazing bro. Same as you, I have my daily 1990 L201 Cuore ED10 Carby 5 door and project Cuore L81 4x4. Planing to install ED20 engine from L501 and dashboard as well

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Welcome Vin!

Welcome. Road car or are you planning on doing any comp?

Welcome to the forum Vinnie, nice to see Nana’s car is well