How’s it going.

Signed up for the wealth of knowledge and handy tips and tricks I’m sure are kicking around the place.
I’m a qualified mechanic from Geelong, Vic with a passion for Japanese cars and have just bought the missus a tidy M100 Sirion. EJVE 110k kms.

Always liked Daihatsus though never owned one until now. Had about 20 Subarus, more than a handful each of Nissans and Hondas, couple Toyotas and Yamahas. Anyway I’ll leave it there.



welcome Miguel.
Daihatsu’s are a fun car for sure and fairly easy compared to some other’s but they do have their own quirks. Sirions are a great car. Just make sure you keep on the oil changes every 5000k’s the EJDE (which is what you will have) and the K3 engines suffer from build up and then rings getting stuck due to the ring hole’s in the piston (behind the rings) too small and they start to use or burn oil.

Would love to see a pic of this fine automobile.
There is also quite a few subaru owner’s that have daihatsu’s also. :slight_smile:

Subarus since 1986 and Dai owner since 2000. Welcome. Ejde great engine if serviced properly. Many will rag on them, but many never service them properly. Mr Evil was spot on.

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