Gear knob thread

Quick q:
Does anyone know the gear knob / shift knob thread of the sirion’s?
Early gtvi if it makes a difference.

Just curious as I’m not keen on the threaded insert-style, would rather a one milled with the right thread.


M12 x 1.25 is a charade from memory, i’d assume they’re the same. Same as a subaru one.


Fantastic - if there is no other alternatives, I’ll run with this. Actually works out well, as it is a primarily “Subaru” online shops gear knob I’ve spotted.

If no one replays with the answer I will measure mine in the weekend for you.

Thanks for your post.
Sorry can’t help with the thread size for the Sirion.
Where I work, we have thread gauges to measure, as does any engineering supply, so that will enable you to check, if anyone can confirm.
Happy that my G203 came with a Momo gearknob, Momo steering wheel and Sparko pedals.

They’re worth more than what I paid for the whole car. :grinning:
Everyone go scour the wreckers NOW, as you can drill out, re-tap using a thread insert to match yours. Easy as…

the Should be the same between the type’s, my G200 knob fits on my M301 sirion.

Thanks all, greatly appreciate the help (for what is a relatively minor thing).
Pulled the pin on one and will let you know how I go.

Welby is correct, the thread is m12*1.25p