Gear shift linkages cuore l7 - K3VE2 swap

Hi Peeps,

I’m currently swapping the engine of the Cuore l7 to the K3VE2. Instead of buying a Sirion as donor car, I’m sourcing most parts separately. I concluded that the gear shift linkages of the Cuore are too short to work with the K3 platform, does anybody know if the ones from the Sirion M1 1.0 are the same as the 1.3 version?

Or if other ones can be used like the one from the YRV?

It is way harder to find the K3 specific parts I noticed compared to the standard cars…

I hope you can help me out, all answers are appreciated :slight_smile:


The gear linkage from the L7 should fit just fine. I kept the L7 linkages, @Roffelkut did, and partnumbers match as well. May I ask how you came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t fit?


Hi mate,

When I bolted the gear shift linkage bracket onto the transmission, the shift linkages kept falling out of it holder (u know sorta at the middle of the car). After your reply I tried again yesterday and somehow this time it worked out, shifter feels pretty solid. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Good to hear! Sometimes it takes a bit of fiddling :slight_smile:

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