Gearbox replacement parts

Hey all. I recently upgraded our Sirions 3 cylinder engine to the 1.3 K3 engine out of a GTVi. I had the engine rebuilt from the ground up and it runs beautifully but the gearbox that came with it is having some problems with second gear. My local transmission shop says that parts are no longer available so I’ve done some digging myself. Using parts and searching for Toyota Duet (because Daihatsu doesn’t exist) I think I’ve found the correct part numbers via the exploded diagram and I’m currently waiting to hear back from with regards to availability. I’m praying that they can help me out. These are what the mechanic said I should look for,

3336887702 - ring syncro 2
3339187701 - spring, syncro key 2 (X2)
3336097201 - Hub assy, syncro 1
3334287701 - Bush for 2nd gear
3336987703 - Ring, Syncro, NO.3
3333297401 - Gear, second
9004363159 - BEARING (For input Shaft front)
9004363159 - BEARING, RADIAL BALL (For input shaft rear)

As far as I can tell this K3VE powered Duet uses the same engine and box as the Australian K3VE GTVi.
Does anyone forsee any problems with these parts that I’m unaware of,
and is there an easier way to buy these parts? Am I doing this the easiest way? Can completely new or rebuilt whole gear boxes be found?


And here is the extremely long link to the page:*KwHwxNX4lZybqPCpi7Xp1Ki8nJuF9Pv29-X7ybnhsOf44Z7kt7fq4Pn2uLy2raLb7quhqqDn-PHo5P387eD55vbx8_Hkt7fgrOH-5_Hw9P-tos3gvrqzq6eEvbn26uD55Ofz8vf3qqWr7uPmrLbh_ua5xciQgonn7uPmq_i3s-LhifTz8oXr3Njag-Ho5eC1p-Shtee3r6jp4uGir_-3s-Ly_bgAAAAA1OGxlw%24&vid=0&cid=2&uid=7193&q=


this is awesome and you have saved me much work in research as My 2nd synchro is gone in my yrv which uses the gtvi engine also. As for rebuilt gearbox’s available (rebuilt) I am not sure. You could try sending @Patrick_Hart a msg as his brother (Tim) does straight cut gears for these box’s so he may have a supply or be able t help or look up compact motor sport’s of facebook if you can’t get through with Patrick.


Great research! If you want an upgrade or any other improvements, I can recommend Compact Motorsport - a New Zealand enthusiast who sources/produces Daihatsu performance gearbox parts and accessories.


Thanks Mceajc, this is great!