General cluster swaps

Does anyone know if clusters can be swapped between different Daihatsus?

What kind of problems can I expect to encounter when attempting this?

Will my ignition and ECU still work with another cluster?

Photos of a Gran Move cluster with tacho and a L251RS Charade cluster


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I think the first thing is the shape.
Is the shape the same? If it’s different then it’s not going to sit right in the dash.
The car would run without the cluster in it you just wont obviously have any lights or cluster readouts.
Just check to see if you need certain things to make your Speedo and tacho work for instance ABS connected or electronic speed sensor as opposed to cable speed sensor and things like that.
You may be able to just swap the pins as a lot of people have done with just a pin out diagram and you should be able to work it out.
Similar to what @Mokeman has done to his g201
G201 DeTomaso - G200 Smiley Dash Conversion