Genuine Parts

Are brand new Genuine Parts still available???

Where do you guys buy from??

I genuinely use PartsSouq or Amayama for all my genuine parts needs. But there is no Daihatsu option???

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Welcome to Daihatsu life where a lot of parts are not readily available. haha. I would imagine there is very limited genuine parts available now. You could see if you could get anything through a toyota dealership if any still actually have anything or are willing to get anything. Secondhand keep an eye on yahoo auctions. I don’t go hunting for new genuine parts so Im not much of a help.

You can use to get the genuine part numbers, then as noted by @evilhighway you could hit up toyota for anything that was Australian delivered (e.g. non TRXX parts) otherwise you can try Yahoo Auctions or contacting somewhere like import monster.

Good luck


That site is awesome and helps you to isolate the part numbers and in some cases provides a list of suppliers.

Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia still have Daihatsu (under different naming) and can be sources once you have the specific part number/s.