Gerrit the waterhead Cuore

Recently I bought another Dai.
This time a move. It was named Gerrit by the previous owner (a very good friend of mine and @marc0tjevp ), and often called a waterhead Cuore. Because its literally pretty much a Cuore but a little bigger.

It came with a little damage at the front cause she knocked over a traffic sign.

We were planning on selling it after fixing it up.
But then came something unexpected… i found a new genuine aircon set for a price i couldn’t say no to. Including some more goodies.
The box says it’s for a sirion. But my experience says it should fit.

Today i started “fixing” some of the damage just need to find a decent headlight. Im gonna wait with buying new panels until i made up my mind on what to do exactly.
So some minor dent removal and some drift stitching will do for now.


I also bought pretty much brand new wheels today.
@marc0tjevp found them at the wrecking yard and picked them up for me.

That’s it for now. More coming soon(ish).




Unfortunately the damage is A LOT worse than expected.
Recently i replaced the L7 headlight i put in as a temporary fix for a headlight from a L9 from a wrecker.
At first i thought that everything was fine as it seemed to fit nicely. But i was mistaken! About a week ago i walked by the move and saw that the headlight was positioned differently than the other side. After further investigation the frame appeared to have more damage than we thought. I thought the light beam from the cuore headlight pointed up because the headlight was mounted differently, but with the move headlight it makes no difference. And that’s because of the bent frame.

I was already trying to sell the move. But now it will be a part out.

If you look closely you can see the headlights are angled differently. I don’t understand i didn’t notice it directly after mounting it.

In case anyone is curious…
This is how a L7 headlight looks in a L9.

So if anyone needs L9 parts…