Getting more power and revs from my K3-VE

Hi All, I would slightly increase the power of my K3-VE 86BHP engine on my Terios J102. After reading many threads, I assume that, in order to get the maximum result with minimal effort, a “bare-minimum-plug-and-play” approach would consist of:

  1. replacing the ECU with the K3-VE2 one (showstopper issue: in Internet you can find many K3-VE2 ECUS at about 50-100US$, none of them comes with the keys and none of them appears “immobiliser-unlocked”);
  2. replacing the fuel injectors with the K3-VET ones, anyway results are uncertain.
    What do you think? Am I wrong or missing something?
    Cheers, TFY

For a slight increase have you looked at the usual options of a cold air intake, hi-flow air filter, free flowing exhaust, sports catalyser? All of the above should comfortably come in under 750 Euro (with a sports cat being ~30% of that by itself)

I would expect all of the above would get you between 5% and 10% more power?

My Sirion Rally 2 revs out to 7800rpm and gives 110bhp, but to be honest you need to work it hard to get that power down - its a lot of fun on the right road but its very cammy, with not a whole lot of power or torque below 4000rpm.

Out of interest, why do you want more power from the Terios? I get that more power = more fun, but what are you using it for specifically and I’m sure someone can advise on the best options for the specific use case you have.

If it helps, the K3-VE is the same basic engine as a toyota 3sz-fe (or a 2nz-fe, I can’t remember) found in mk1 Yaris/Vitz models and many others - so search up tuning for those engines as they are WAY more common and see what you can find out. It will be equally applicable to the K3-VE.

Hi Granger, thanks for your suggestions first of all.
Yes, I have already implemented air filter tuning (discovering that the OEM filter is more performant than a sport one) and ignition coils + double iridium spark plugs => combustion is excellent at the moment.
My budget is around 200 US$, I do not want to touch exhaust and mechanic because I am looking just for reversible and plug’n’play mods. My Terios is already runnung smooth at low revs, I just want to gain a bit more power above 5000+ rpms.
I will look for Toyota engines’ chip tuning. Thanks again, cheers