Gino parts ship to EU (NL)

Hello All,

Does anyone know a good reliable company/person who would ship L7 Gino parts to the Netherlands?

Some background, I have permission to add a new car to the collection, and after showing the Gino of @WoodWorx too the missus she agreed that is awesome. But as Daihatsu is not that popular here, finding company’s that have the connections (and are willing) to import the parts from japan are hard to find.


You just need to contact a local Japan import broker. Here in Australia we have many that get regular shipping containers from Japan. They just collect all the parts required for a Gino conversion and add them to the next container, with a cost of course. I’m sure there’s a few in the Netherlands judging by the amount of Japanese cars there.

Thanks WoodWorx,

I put out a request to some of the known import company here in the Netherlands, but so far no luck, hence the Question on the forum.