Good day from perth

Hey all i just brought a l500, its got the old smokey problem, im looking to put the ej de into it, if anyone in perth wants to do the wiring ill pay you well cheers david

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Welcome mate,
before you go changing the engine. First of all is it an ef/el or an efgl? If you are not sure take a pic and show us here. If it is an ef/el I may have a solution for you that you can try and I have seen it work and done it myself that takes less than 5 mins to do and can make an ef/el go from “smokey” to absolutely fine after the smoke clear’s (a day or 2 max with some driving) with no money spent.

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Hey mate its got the efel 660 cc motor,


Ok well in that case you will find under your airbox a vacuum hose that go’s from the rocker cover to the manifold.
Simply re-route that breather /Vacuum hose to the airbox instead. You may need a longer hose to reach but there should be a spot on the airbox where your other hoses go that it can go to.
Also, block the part where the hose is connected to the manifold. I have just cut it a little put a screw in the end and a zip tie and it will be fine. If you can find a vacuum hose cap thing that is even better.
If you don’t have a connection on your airbox then you can always put it to a catch can.
What happens a lot of the time is the oil from the rocker cover will go straight up the breather and straight to the intake and then into the cylinder and making it smoke. If you re-route it. It stops it going in directly, You may get some extra build up of oil under your filter in the airbox but it’s really good easy fix to what a lot of people think is an engine that need replacing.


Cheers mate ive got a god awful pod filter on it atm, ive acquired a standard air box tho ill give this a go

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cool! would this work on my 1 lt Cuore motor?

nope, they are known for being smokey due to lack of regular oil changes

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