Got a spare catch can... anyone done an install on the l200?

Hey guys. New to the group.

Got a spare catch can here but cant find a diy/tutorial…

Can anyone throw some pics up of where the pipes should run to.

Stock efi 600cc motor.


I don’t quite have any diagrams but they usually plumb from the PCV on top of the rocker cover or any vent from the top of Motor into the car and then back to the position where the PCV would usually connect but this is only if the unit is sealed. If it is a venting to atmosphere type PCV then you will need to block the fitting remaining where the PCV pipe was removed and run the pipe from the PCV valve to the catch can. If you do it like this it is probably best to get rid of the actual PCV and put a fitting because the PCV is actually spring loaded and can restrict a bit because it is not being drawn out any more by vacuum. You should always filter the venting line as well to ensure dirt and rubbish as well as insects like those nesting wasps don’t crawl into your pipes.
You must make sure the inlet manifold is sealed again though. If you don’t it will suck air and cause high idol or hunting idol and make the car run bad in general. Do you haul you will need to re-block if any are anywhere left open from the valves to the throttle body. Anything in that inlet area changed.
I hope this makes sense.
The point of the Catch can is to not allow the oil vapours and blow by from motor to vent back into the manifold where it can build up oil residue and motor inhale dirty air.
The PCV has a ball and spring inside which seals under pressure or backfire type situations and drawers out the dirty hair with vacuum under acceleration in non-boosted type setup’s. A sealed unit will work fine but if the catch can is venting to atmosphere then like I said you will need to overcome that ball and spring valve inside the PCV as it could also become sticky and stick shut because vacuum is not opening it regularly.

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back of motor there is a hose that goes to airbox. send that to the catch can, also the little hose that goes from rocker cover to the intake manifold send the one from rocker cover to catch can and block the one on the intake manifold.


Legend. Thats exactly what i was after…

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