Graffiti mira? hole in sump?

does anyone here know anything on the history of graffiti mira?

i know Rhys Dall had it for a bit and sold it, to which i ended up with the block!

would be nice to know more about it as i wanna finish building this bad boi! though due to finding a hole machined into the block and down into the sump, i fear it may hinder me!photo_2022-01-14_02-31-21

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looks like it might have been set up for a turbocharger and that is for the oil draining back into sump at a guess

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looks like an oil return for turbo to me. I would guess you have a turbo an ef turbo block. As for the graffiti Mira you speak of I think it had a lot of trxx parts on it can’t remember if it was an actual trxx. That would question’s to ask rhys as he was the last owner before he wrecked it.


yes, it was a turbo engine. and that is for turbo oil return

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well thanks evilhighway & Luke for clarifying that for me!
could any of you guys maybe suggest some ways that i could block off the oil return line?
i do want to go turbo rather soon! though id prefer to drive it around n/a for a little at least haha

Take the sump of tap a thread into it with a big enough tap and put in a bolt either from top or bottom with a bit of sealant on it just to make sure. Or if you want to be real dodgey find a nut and bolt with washer’s that is as close to the size as possible and get happy with sealant.

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