'Graffiti Mira' Qld based now

Hey Peeps,

Thought i would do a little build thread if i have the time keep you updated on the forum. After getting the Mira transported up Wednesday night 17/4. i finally saw the car in real life and got my first look at it. It certainly is a little rough around the edges but with a bit of money thrown at it, it could come up faily decent.

Todays adventures were striping down the spare motor to use the bottom end but upon opening up the motor showed other wise.
So out came the original motor and we thought dropping the subframe would be easier to work on it and tidy up some previous owners work as well.

Future plans will be:
-New Ef-el or put the Ej bottom end on.
-Fpr ordered and also a Efel VRS kit arrived yesterday.
-Make new dump pipe and front half of exhaust.
-Tidy up wiring and get rid of silly interior guages.
-The paint will be fixed one day hopefully.
-Retain the AC and find out why its not working.

And if all else fails. PART OUT :wink:


Fun, fun, fun :smiley:
Looks likes you have your hands full and enjoying it . :slight_smile:
Good stuff. Hope it all comes together for you.