Gran move 1.6 swap

Hi all,

i am looking to engine swap my 98 charade.
hope to find answers to my questions and some info here.
roughly my plan is to swap to the gran move 1.6 instead of the applause 1.6.
the granmove engine is more to my liking, with a good amount of torque down low.
does the gran move have longer gear ratios than the charade?
i would ike to get the rpm down at highway speeds.
lets say i buy a gran move for parts, are there any other parts i can swap over?do i need to swap the enige oom or can i keep the charade one?
Are the brakes better than the charade ones? and is it a plug and play swap?
cooling system? injectors? etc etc.
info needed please

Gran Move brakes are an upgrade.
I’m not certain but the ecu should plug into the existing loom, use the 1.6 injectors on the 1.6 engine.
The hubs and lower control arms will work on the g200

I am new to daihatsu, i used to have 3 vw’s before my charade.
vw is kind of lego.
i get the impression that goes for daihatsu as well?
So gran move brakes is a plug and play upgrade?
is the gran moves cooling system also a upgrade or are they the same?