Grand move 1.5 gauge cluster on 1.0 l700

Will a 1.5 4 cylinder gauge cluster (with tachometer) fit on a 1.0 3 cylinder l700 cuore?
Thanks for any help in advance

Here’s the eBay listing for the gauge cluster I want:

it looks like it would physically fit. That is only a guess. The other issue I see is your tacho would be out as it would be suited to a 4cyl and not a 3cyl. No idea on the plugs either.

Tacho will not read right as evilhighway said, otherwise anything can be made fit and work if you want to put in effort, cut n shut etc.

Yeah I thought the difference in cylinders for the tacho might be a problem, I’m 99% sure that it is the same size as the cuore cluster (I’m pretty sure all the daihatsu ones of that shape are the same physical size) is there any way to modify it to make the tachometer work on a 3 cylinder? Or is there a similar looking gauge cluster that works from factory with the cuore? I just want black gauges with a tacho really, and in km/h which is harder to find in the uk

Possibly an instrument cluster from a move would work . I cant remember which engine model’s were 3cyl though and not sure if they were dizzy or coil on plug. Ef rl or ef jl rings a bell but My memory isn’t confident on that.

All the plug locations look the same as a cuore so I’m maybe thinking I could make a Frankenstein cluster between the two