Greeting from Malaysia. 3SZ-VE Powered Perodua Kelisa

Hi all. Greeting from Malaysia. I own a Perodua Kelisa with 3SZ-VE swapped. Was using K3-VET before but end up blown the engine.

Looking forward to meet new people with same enthusiast and love towarda Daihatsu.


Old engine. Using K3-VET

On board video at Sepang International Circuit during last engine


Welcome. We have lots of people from all over the world but not many from Malaysia. Glad to have you here to represent your country.

welcome to the forum thefiztec :smiley: looking forward to hearing more about this little beast of a Kelisa :slight_smile:

It has been downgrade from track car to a fully day driven car. :sweat_smile: But maybe when I’m more financially stable. Will be back on track.

Uploading: 709DBC5E-18AD-4217-97E9-FEF180CF65FF.jpeg… Uploading: A5B542EE-DF00-44F9-B348-8F9A79829C1C.jpeg…

Btw nice meeting you guys.

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welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! :wave: :metal: Love this awesome engine bay!