Greeting with my l40 from Chile

Hey there!

My name is Luis, from Chile and I have a 1980 Daihatsu Max Cuore (l40), at the time in a bodywork restoration.
I like to share some experiences and get some feedback with you :slight_smile:

If you have some questions please let it here and I’ll be glad to answer all :slight_smile:


Welcome to LiveToDai! Have a nice stay! Where did you found this “old wolf”? This is (almost) vintage! I’d love to see the restoration progress!!


Hi Pesadito,

Wow, I do really really like your L40. A fantastic find. Looking forward to following anything you post.

We have a couple of other users from Chile that are quite active here at times.


I found it near at home, this car are relatively common in my area to buy yet, but with a lot of corrosion (mine wasn’t the exception).
I bought this car in 2013, and I repaired all the interior (carpet, seats, door vynils, dashboard), engine, accesories, everything but bodywork.
Some modifications that I did are:
-12’ wheels with disk brakes on the front (cv and other parts needed from a Daihatsu Charade G20 (or G10).
-Electronic ignition, replacing only the condenser.
-Electronic alternator regulator (the mecanical one was lost in a shop one time, but this is most stable)

Since last year my car has been in a shop, maybe 18 months is a long time for a job like that but it’s free (long storie hahaha)


Hugely appropriate list of mod’s. I remember the days of my 1969 Dastun 1200 konking out and you’d know right away to grab the spare kettering points from the ash tray pop the bonnet and replace. A ten minute job max, even at night. And then I got an hall effect distributor, what a wonderful thing. Can we see some interior and under bonnet pictures some time.

That unit looks ‘old school cool’ with a lot of potential.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I look towards to seeing more of this car

Me too, I’m too anxious to have it back!

I want to do more little mods to improve the efficiency, like putting a 5 speed gearbox (it doesn’t exist here, y need to think a solution to that), a better way to set the carburettor for a perfect mix air/fuel, better insulation, better engine mounts o more engine mounts.

I like to use it as a daily car, its very reliable the way it is right now but if I can improve that even more, I’d like to do it or at least, test it.

Thank you to all of you for the nice welcome to the group :slight_smile:

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Which engine do you have?

I have a 547 cc twin cylinder engine, the same as the l55, I guess. Its a pretty reliable engine, if you are care about its limits.


Wonderful. I’m quite the fan of the A series engine