Greetings everyone from south africa

Hello and greetings and salutations to all

Ive owned many a daihatsu but alas no newer models after 2015 here in za but possibly even earlier as they pulled out.

I currently have a sirion m300 and a manual move L600 (with a spare rolling parts bin)


Hello and welcome to the forum. Your country had Daihatsu 10 years longer than us Australians.

welcome Buckwild and as @DaleJeffree said you have definately had the advantage of having daihatsu’s in your country longer than us. :slight_smile: We do however have the L600 and M300 models here. I have previously owned an L600 but never a m300.

Welcome, always keen to see pics of your units…

Yes, ive owned the J100 terios (my favourite little 4x4) ,the L700 cuore in automatic and a few L251s charades too. Currently looking at one now tho but an automatic.

The M300 is also known as the Toyota passo abroad.
Im not 100% sure why daihatsu left but maybe it was politics between toyota(parent company) and daihatsu with conflicting interests is how i read it.

I used to be on this forum long ago before the crash but life does tend to occupy us :joy:



thats forum is long gone and was that is no longer running this is the evolution from that forum. It never really recovered after the crash properly. paint job was good but the running gear was shot and held together with zipties for far too long hahaha!

Welcome. Glad you have joined us.

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