Greetings from Amsterdam

Hello fellow Daihatsu Drivers, Owners, Daihard,

My name is Jill (the male version) sending greetings from the Netherlands.
I have owned a few Daihatsu’s in the past and am currently running an

  • Altezza RS200 with some minor mods in Amsterdam
  • and a Toyota Duet/ Daihatsu Sirion M100A in Surinam.

So I might just have a special place in my heart for the Toyota-Daihatsu group :grin:
I think I once was a member of the DaiHard forum, but I’m not sure (have been in too many a group, haha).

My first experience driving a Dai was the Charade G10 with squared headlights in Suriname and have loved them ever since. When I got around buying my own cars, I started out with a Citroen Visa 11RE, a Citroen 2CV, a 1982 Ford Fiesta 1.1S before I started with my Dai range.

I became a member of the Daihatsu Drivers Club Nederland somewhere around 1998, and started off with two G102 and an Applause Xi after that. In 2004 I found my first G201s - a red Detomaso - which I bought off eBay, won the bidding and headed out on a road trip to Manchester UK, with some basic tools in a bag to go get it and drive it back to the Netherlands. In that time I was one of three Detomaso owners in Europe (UK, NL, Greece). After having owned the Deto for about 7 years, I got myself an Altezza RS200, for which I needed to make a road trip again, to Ireland this time. Four years ago I bought a Toyota Duet in Suriname, which serves as a runabout for my parents and my personal transportion for when I’m in Suriname.

I like cars from standard to modified and would like to do everything myself, which I can’t, but always looking to learn and enjoy the builds and quirks of other car enthousiasts.
I’m not really a busy message poster, but hope to enjoy your forum and learn and maybe we’ll meet some day, somewhere, somehow. :world_map:

Ciao, Jill


I’m currently Suriname and don’t seem to have all my pics with me, but to serve you guys and girls with some pics I do have with me, here goes:

Applause 1.6 Xi A101

Charade Detomaso G201s 1.6

Factory Interior with Recaro seats, Nardi steering wheel and custom red floormats

Altezza RS200z 2.0 (SXE10 - 3sge)

Duet / Sirion M100A (EJ-DE)

[Edit: added some pics, Applause, Interior Deto]


I hope the pics are not too large for the forum. Forgot to reduce some of them.

Welkom :slight_smile: awesome to see the Detomaso!

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welcome some nice cars and a great intro! Welcome mate. Quite a few here from the Netherlands. :slight_smile:

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Thx! Yes , unfortunately she’s no longer mine as of early 2012. I had to sell her after I got my Tezza, due to lack of space.

So I sold her to a club member. He sold her within 1 or 2 months because he thought she would have more power. Sold her to a really young guy and then we lost sight of her. The last I heard was the last another member bought her in really bad condition…

Really bad engine knock, suspension shot, rust all over.
She’s supposedly waiting under a blanket in the corner of a garage for restoration.

Really nice car, all original is how I kept her, apart from the shocks. Really sad still to know that one of few oem Deto’s has been beaten up that badly.

I really hope she gets to roam the streets once again, soon. :smiley:

Thx @evilhighway,

Yes there is still quite some Dai lovers in the Netherlands.

Atm I’m working on the m100a after it got in a bit of a fender bender. Trying to get it sorted to best of my ability, with my limited knowledge. Will make a project topic of it. :smiley:
Not as good as the other projects here, like the racing Sirion from Chili or mr. Gromsby and the blue L700 from NL, but doing my best!

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Added some pics of my Applause and of the interior of the Deto.
Really mis the Deto tbh.

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