Greetings from Australia

Gday, I have a g200 95 2door, have had many of these and also a pyzar. Currently installing a g300 pyzar engine in my 95 g200. Have always worked with german copies of manuals and would love to have access to some english ones as I actually do not read german well at all. Any way looks like a great forum and look forward to participating in future. cheers…
regards TK400


Welcome TK400,

There might be an English manual lurking here. Prompt someone here to find it for you by telling us more about your Dai and throwing up some pics.


Greeting’s one of the greater number of user’s on the forum are aussie’s :slight_smile: Chuck up a coupe of pics and tell us a bit about your rides and in no time the manuals section will be open to you which I am sure you will find something that your looking for in english and maybe even german too hahaha! Welcome mate :slight_smile: