Greetings from Brisbane, Australia

Hi, I’m interested in buying a Charade Detomaso. I owned a black one which I sold about 15 years ago and I’m looking to getting back into the Daihard life :grin:. If anyone knows any for sale or anyone that may be considering selling please let me know.


Welcome Fred. Glad you are looking at rejoining the community.

Welcome fred If you find one snap it up quick as they dont come up to often.

Hey mate,
Are you still looking for one. I’ve got a g200 with front cut that I bought in 2006 but hasn’t been driven reliably for the last 4-5 years.
She definitely needs a fair bit of love but I’d much prefer to see her go to a daihard then the wreckers.
The biggest downside is that she’s up in Townsville.
Let us know

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Welcome also from Brisbane.