Greetings from Czech republic!

Hi everyone,

I think it’s about time that I finally introduce myself and my little l7 Cuore.
I’ve had the car for about a year now as a 2nd daily and winter car ( my first
car is a '93 Mazda mx-5) and so far it’s been great fun. As you can tell I think I have a little weakness for small Japanese cars. They’re just so fun buzzing around town and curvy roads, aren’t they :slight_smile:

I’ll upload some photos, stay tuned for a build thread and more info on the


One fresh and clean Daihatsu, please!

Under the line text:
So apparently I forgot to fully close one of the rear doors before pressure washing it so after I noticed a quarter of the rear bench seat was already totally wet lol. Close your doors before you wash your car kids.


Welcome to the forum Eddie, nice little beast you have there :slight_smile:


I guess you’ve seen the clip of the Cuore at the Nurburgring? Worth a watch…

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Thanks mate, yeah I have seen that multiple times from various sources, one being my dad mocking me about it :smiley:

So yeah it’s safe to say the only thing I would ever consider taking to the Ring
would be the mx-5 (far more wider and lower, but still slow :grin: )

Props to the guy’s driving though, wouldn’t think something like that was possible to save until I seen this.


Welcome Eddie, great looking l700

Hi Mate very nice looking car looking forward to your build :grin: