Greetings From Germany

Hi, my name’s Arthur,

Some time ago I bought my aunt’s old L700 Automatic ‘Cuore’ because it was just sitting there rotting in the driveway. As my Miata is on winter hiatus I needed a winter car anyway and it was mint with only 90kkm and A/C.

Anyway. Two months in, my buddy and I painted the horrid scorched out yellow car in Mazda Seafoam green, Put golden 323 Steelies on it, new winter tires, made stickers at work and put a racing stripe on it (because 4 days after painting somebody managed to put a dent in the hood while the car parked outside).

Just bought 13x6 Ronal Rallye Wheels and looking for some springs to put in.


Anyway greetings from my mean green meme machine.



Welcome mate. Happy new year also.

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welcome mate the car looks amazing in those colours well done :smile:

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Welcome! Car is looking pretty good! Looking forward to seeing it progress

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Welcome along for the ride. Nice to have you on board.

Grüß dich,

Nice winter beater!!

Happy new year

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Welcome mate look forward to seeing more of your car.

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Welcome to the forum!

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“Big” updates

Installed Rallye-Style Foglights
13x6 Ronal R8
Managed to install an RPM Cluster
Minor chrash on the Nürburgring :sweat_smile:
Fixed it up and first thing, took it 1600km to a car meet

All’s well, the “Mean Green Meme Machine” lives on