Greetings From Los Angeles (L502)

Hello! I have purchased a ‘94 Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Avanzato R (107km) that was imported to the United States by a prior owner. Unfortunately, the car was in a fender bender, and has some slight accident damage. I have confidence that it will be an easy fix.

I have upgraded the radiator so far, as that was severely damaged. I plan on going with a smaller fan (clearance) and upgrade the shroud. I would like to eventually do more bolt-on modifications, as well as suspension/chassis.

My first question is, what makes the JB-JL engine unreliable? I was reading on here that this motor has weak rods, poor water pump design, and likes to overheat. Are there any upgrades designed to tackle these issues? I would like to have a reliable car and not blow my motor. I have heard that keeping it below 8k rpm’s should help but that’s kind of a bummer.

My second question is, would anyone be able to help me source a stock radio/speakers? Call me weird, but I like how stock headunits look in cars. If not, could anyone tell me any aftermarket ones that would work?

I have been able to source parts from NMF Garage in Malaysia. I trusted him from y’all’s posts; so thanks. I have almost all parts, just don’t have updated photos yet.

TIA and nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum its nice to have you hear.
Looks like you have a decent little fix’er’upper project on your hands.

In regards to the standard radio, probably best place to look is yahoo auctions, you will get a proper JP style unit that matches the rest of the car.

As for the JB-JL, they do have a poor waterpump design which was updated in the JB-DET.
With that said the waterpump design of the JB-DET is a bit more bulging I managed to fit a JB-DET into a L200 mira, I had to use very flat bolts on the waterpump and a little bit of MC hammer on the rail of the body to make it work… This may not be something you want to do.

I have read replacing the JB-JL waterpump every 100,000km is generally good practice at the same time you do the timing belt.

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I’ve been searching yahoo auctions; I type in L500, L502 radio, etc and the only thing that will pop up is aftermarket Kenwood units.

Would you happen to have a part number for the water pump? I wouldn’t mind using a mallet to make the water pump fit.

Is the timing belt hard to do on these motors? Would happen to know the part number for that as well?

I try to do most my own research before asking questions but it’s hard for me to find info due to location.

I’d try typing in L501 or L601 for the MOVEs which were basically 501s built like small buses. Those were the ones delivered to Europe. They all had these radios standard

You can try using partsfan for getting part numbers

The JB-DET is from a L880k Daihatsu Copen