Greetings from Malaysia!

Hi everyone, I’m from Malaysia. I have been lurking around here for quite some time but now I finally have the courage to introduce myself xD I recently got my license and got my first car which is the Perodua Kelisa.

this Kelisa is still stock hahaha the only thing I upgraded was the audio system. I hope I can learn alot through this group… thank you for accepting me! (p.s pls excuse my terrible english, I’m slowly improving my english!)



Gotta have some good tunes while driving around :+1:

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Welcome, Nice Kelisa, very clean. Your English is very good from what I can see. You will have to excuse my many constant typing mistakes.


Yess that’s right! The stock audio system was terrible so i had to replace them :joy::joy:

Thanks! The Kelisa was actually in a really bad condition before… the frame rails are bent because of an accident… i still have fo find a shop that can align my frame properly… the wiring was a mess too, i redid the whole wiring cuz it was bitten by rats and it wouldn’t start! I also recently polished the paint, so that’s why it looks nice xD


Welcome glad you came forward from the back of the crowd to say hello and share some images.


Welcome! Your English is better than my Malaysian so no worries :wink: Nice looking dai, I always like the color white

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Hi and welcome to the forum.
Your English is quite good and I love the punctuation too, it is hard to decipher other peoples text when they fail to use full stops or capital letters.

Its a lovely looking Kelisa you have. I spent some time on the Malaysian Kelisa forum 14 years ago because there wasn’t really any information here in Australia.


I will try to do better @DaleJeffree :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:

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