Greetings from Newcastle, Australia

Hi everyone, I’m Lenore and I have a 2003 Cuore manual. I fell in love with the Mira Gino exactly one year ago when visiting friends who owned one. They let me drive theirs all weekend, and I was hooked! After learning that Gino’s are imported I decided that I would have to find a Cuore and do the conversion myself. I bought my little beauty in June last year and have been slowly converting it with the help of my dad who does classic motorcycle restoration. Lucky for me the body panels fit into a bike paint booth! I’m nearly finished accessorising, and I have even made my own custom car seat cover. Thanks for including me in livetodai, enjoy the photos of my Pearl.


Welcome Lenore. Great pics. The L700 really is a great car, these and the M100 are in my favorite Daihatsus to drive in std form. Excellent value for money.

Welcome to the forum Lenore. Cant blame you the L700s are a great car and the gino conversion’s look great. Nice job on the car seat cover’s too :slight_smile:

Welcome Lenore good to see another Newcastle local on here.

Welcome, that front end does look good and maybe something I need to consider?!? It is awesome seeing the Dais in Japan with all that chrome work.

Very cool indeed! Good to see another little Dai getting some love.

I’m glad to hear that there are other Gino fans in town! Are there meet ups?

Here’s the latest photo: I’m close to unveiling the finished product!


That looks awesome, excellent effort :+1:

Welcome Lenore. Nice Cuore to Gino conversion! :grin: I love it! The seats looks GREAT and the rims are looking good! I must say, you have a great taste!! The thing I live the most about Gino, is that, it’s looking like an old mini! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: Have a nice stay!

Thank you!