Greetings from QLD AUSTRALIA

Gday fellow dai hards!

Just thought i would introduce myself,
im jeremy, im currently living in NQ.
I currently have two charades, a beat up 93 G200 that i use for a daily, and an old sexspec G200 (that started as an impulse buy and has now become a long-term build)

I am also in the middle of a budget turbo build for my my daily so i have 2 on the go.

I will start build threads for both when around to documenting everything, but for now just wanted to say hello :wave: and i look forward to being apart of your community and getting to meet fellow enthusiasts.



Welcome Jeremy! Looking forward to seeing what you do on the cars.
Growing up in the sex spec era, i still like them more that I would like to admit :rofl:

Welcome mate, we have a lot of Qlder’s here ( I am one). There are a few around Hervey bay and Bundy from memory and some further up.
I can’t help but have a soft spot for the old sex spec builds. Yes, they are out of style these days but man some of the work that went to them was fantastic. Just wish some went into performance as well with many of them hahaha! I look forward to seeing what you do with the chazza’s.
Turbo build with charades means broken gearbox’s so just keep that in mind when boosting them.

i am originally from the Bundaberg/wide bay region. Have been in Mackay for nearly 3 years now.
I didn’t realize there were many dai fans around the area.

The weak gearbox is the reason the sexspec charade has turned into a long-term build. I was searching for a fwd trans that could handle a bit more power and that had some sort of aftermarket support. I dont wanna give too much away until i get a build thread happening, but lets just say it may upset a few purists

I have fitted an applause box into the white one getting the budget turbo swap, not sure if they are any stronger but hopefully it can handle 150hp

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Thanks mate,

Haha i think most of the people that grew up in the sexspec era, like them more that they are willing to admit… being a JDM guy, i also have a weird soft spot for riced out nuggets, so i dont mind seeing the 2 styles tastefully blended together. I had always wanted to get my hands on an old sexspec build, so couldnt help myself when i came across the orange charade on marketplace. I ended up buying it sight unseen and not running, pretty much condition unknown.

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I think you may find many of us are not purists lol. Quite a few different dais are gearbox destroyers. @Mokeman is in Mackay but moving soon and selling his Topless Mira. So one less local for you :frowning:

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Ah yea, i saw that on marketplace recently. If only i had the room.
Is that the same fellow that made the detomaso kit for the mira? I had a brief chat a few months back with a bloke here in mackay that was making a detomaso kit for the mira. Seemed quite knowledgeable


yep that would be him :slight_smile:

Welcome. Looking forward to your write up.

Welcome to the forum Jeremy :slight_smile: yep that’s me and all my knowledge has come from here and the facebook pages :slight_smile:

Nice cars man, looking forward to seeing you complete the one.