Gripper type LSD

I have seen gripper LSD used and available through various shops (Malaysian and KCS). Are these a cheap imitation of a real LSD or a bang for buck with potential?

Do not know much about them. Needs to be set up right if it is a clutch type. A fwd needs a lot more slip than a rwd.

I had a quick look at reviews and there are some positive remarks. A few people have had issues. Have a good read up on everything you find on google about them.

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apparently they are reasonable, better than standard but not as good as an l.s.d. from reading overseas daihatsu pages on facebook, they have been used with good success in GTTi’s but some have complained about metal shavings in the diff


Having said all that i still want to see if one will fit my 4 cyl charade :smile:

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