Gtvi gearbox workshop guide

Hey Dai fam,

I’m attempting to pull down a k3 ve2 gearbox for diagnosing and repair,
This is my first time opening a gearbox. Is there a workshop guide for this at all or a thread or even a you tube video?

I’ve forms stuff for the ej gearboxes but not this.

Any help or advice is greatly welcome and appreciated,

Cheers lads.

I believe both gearboxes are the same (between the ej and the k3). Im sure other members can back me up tho. Something about 3rd and 4th ratios being different rings a bell.


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Although some parts (mainly gears, not the diff though) are interchangeable, the gearboxes are not the same. The EJ gearbox is significantly smaller and has a different bellhousing. Apart from that, I wouldn’t be surprised if the internals are fitted the same way, since they use the same/similar gears, so maybe the EJ manual would suffice for that part. I couldn’t find anything about K3 gearboxes either, not even for the M3 Sirion and M4 Materia :confused:

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Thank you for the reply’s.
I found a series of videos on you tube about a l251 box that look similar.
One box is jumping out of reverse and I’m thinking it’s possibly a detent that’s missing a bearing.
On the weekend I’ll give it another crack.
Compact Motorsport is doing straight cut syncro sets that look pretty promising as my 3rd syncro is shot.

I think I’ll attempt the tear down on the weekend. I’ll post back here when I get stuck. :joy:

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