Gtvi half cut what would you pay

So I’ve found a gtvi half cut, allegedly 50,000km on the clock. What’s it worth as I’ve been asked to make an offer. I’ve seen complete cars with 100k ish kms for 3.6. Just need a rough idea on what everyone’s paid or what you guys think it’s worth.


Don’t rush and something will come up.
It’s half a car that Prob copped it in the bum.
Stat write offs are everywhere in nsw.
I seen a cheap gtvi in Goldy for 500 no rego and rough. I never bought it because it was too hard to get it back to Sydney.

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There was a nicish gtvi on gumtree for $1200 last week, honestly a half cut i would pay $7-800, maybe stretch to $1k if good

Gtvi on Gumtree

Daihatsu Sirion GTI, Automatic, A/C on Gumtree

Sure the last one is auto but I’m sure you can bust him because of that. Car looks good.
Maybe a part out and get money back

Thanks, was after something lowish ks, what sort of work would the 260k one need? How much would a rebuild set me back roughly?

I must have missed that $1200 one though, I’ll throw an offer and see what he thinks

I spent $2200 and 40 hours rebuilding mine. It is very thorough.

Dale, did you do all the work yourself?

Yes sir, did all the work myself apart from machining.