Gtvi Seat swap in a l700

Well, I promised to post it, and here it is. Last week I visited a junkjard which had an almost completely parted out gtvi from 2001. But they still had the seats (front and rear) which was great! After putting everything in my car(a borrowed one, couldn’t fit in the l700 :slight_smile: ) I went home and started cleaning up the front seats. I think they came out great, little to no wear on the seats which isn’t bad considering the car it came out of had almost 300.000km on the clock.

Well, after a couple rainy days it became weekend which was the perfect time to swap the seats, seats were easy to swap and after torqueing everything down this is the end result

I will be driving with the front seats for a couple of weeks to see if I like them or not, first impressions say they’re a little bit bigger which is good considering I’m around 2m tall. If not they will be sold again and I will return to the good old comfy stock seats :slight_smile:


I am new to to this forum and I am currently in the process of fixing my new project car, the mighty Daihatsu Cuore/Mira (2002)!

I am in desperate need of two front seats and was wondering if the front seats from a 2002 Sirion would fit the rails of my Cuore for an easy swap?

Any suggestions would greatly appreciated.


Hi there,
Sorry, first forum :sweat_smile:

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all good mate. Just seems to be many doing the same lately. Just helps us to know a bit about you and (doesn’t have to be much just a his and I have a … daishatsu … etc) helps open up all the forum has to offer with the manuals section etc also. We try to build a bit of a community so we can get and share good info and not just what some random person puts online these days that have no idea.