GVM of a handivan?

Aye all, does anyone know the GVM of an L700 series handivan/handi?

I’m finding a website quoting 1200kg, which would be rather neat if correct, but it doesn’t look particularly legitimate…

Am researching some ideas and I’ve got a pretty interesting engine in a wrecked bike I’m mulling over, but sizing is over adr maximums for the car’s weight. Noticed this little paragraph accompanying the tables for maximum engine sizes though:

“Table LA1 does not apply to commercial (ADR Category NA and NB1) or four wheel drive off-road
(ADR category MC) type vehicles such as commercial vans, light trucks, small buses, etc. for
which there are no set recommended limits.”

Off-road may be ambitious, but commercial? The handivan is a real thing.

Going to the ADR definitions I find:

"4.5. Goods Vehicles

4.5.1. A motor vehicle constructed primarily for the carriage of goods and having at least 4 wheels; or 3 wheels and a ‘Gross Vehicle Mass‘ exceeding 1.0 tonne.

4.5.2. A vehicle constructed for both the carriage of persons and the carriage of goods shall be considered to be primarily for the carriage of goods if the number of seating positions times 68 kg is less than 50 percent of the difference between the ‘Gross Vehicle Mass‘ and the ‘Unladen Mass‘."

Followed by:


A goods vehicle with a ‘Gross Vehicle Mass‘ not exceeding 3.5 tonnes."

So my case is, that if an L700 handi, weighing 720kg unladen, actually does have a gvm of 1200kg, giving a differences of 480kg, divide by 2, then by 68, gives 3.5, and the handivan was a two seater.

It should qualify an an NA class light goods vehicle and have no set engine limits under the ADRs. It’ll still need engineering of course, but it could be a somewhat simpler licensing exercise.

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Not sure but the ADR’s i followed stated that vehicles under 800kgs are allowed up to 3 x vehicles kerb weight = maximum cc engine size for n/a and 2.5 x vehicles kerb weight for forced induction

Yep it’s 1200kg bro
I’ve got a factory manual that has it in :wink:

Cheers folks, much appreciated. I’ve been all over the shop as far as engine options go, without making much in the way of a decision, but if good to know even the crazier options might have a realistic path forward. Will need to explore legalities around commercial vehicles further. If they’re more relaxed in general that might be my best way forward.

I know my L60 is classed as a light truck. Makes huge differences in what you can do