H-Series Cam Profiles

Over the years I have collected a few H-Series camshafts, and also had some reground. To be able to compare them I would always create a crank angle vs valve lift chart.

I do this using a spare engine, by attaching a degree wheel to the crank pulley, and positioning a dial gauge to contact the valve retainer to measure valve lift. I set the valve clearances to 20 thou intake and 25 thou exhaust, and then slowly rotate the crank with a 19mm socket and take valve lift measurements every 5 degrees.

Once all the measurements over 720 degrees (the 4-stroke cycle) for both intake and exhaust have been taken they are entered into excel to create the crank angle vs valve lift chart.

Below are the charts for the cams I have data for, so far I have measured an Applause 1.6, a G200 1.3, a JDM Detomaso and a Camtech Stage 2 regrind.

It would be good if I could get more data or cams to measure to add to these: