H-Series Throttle Bodies

Bit of info on throttle bodies. One on the left is a detomaso, then applause and the one on the right came off a HE from an f2 which should have been the same as the HD i was under the impression but is the same as a HC. So the detomaso and applause are the same at 50mm.



HE-E from an F2


Thank you Welby Im glad you posted this here

As far as i was aware the he-e and hc-e always were the smaller of the 2 and the hd-e’s in detom and applause all shared a 50mm. f2 werent meant to be any larger

I can confirm the 1.3 HC-E motor (on the G102) is 45mm.

According to part numbers i have checked the HE-e should be 50mm also. Maybe it was only on later models. Also the throttle shaft on the applause throttle body is different to the charade throttle bodies one’s. It is about 20mm shorter due to a different style of TPS. I swapped one into my detomaso auto throttle body, which just isn’t right for a manual and it was sticking a bit. I’m now running the smaller HE-e one for the moment until i can find a larger one.

wonder what the a101b applause throttle body is in comparison havent looked into the one i have

50mm also, mine is from a 98 applause A101b

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Just tried swapping an applause throttle body onto the later model charade intake. The unit (think it’s the IAC) on the bottom hits the fuel rail. Bummer…

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Yep the applause won’t fit the passenger facing inlet manifold. The water outlet hits the fuel rail like you found out :wink: Best off using a HE-E throttle body from a G203.

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