Hail from Jamaica

Aight finally posting on the forum
I’ve owned my L501 for over 10yrs and it has grown with me…or is it I who’s grown…hmmm

Current set up is turbo charged frankentein, 12v single cam head on EJ block with Megasquirt 2 ECU.

Looking forward to sharing and learning a lot from you all. Will add some pics in a few


Less I forget I also have a 2011 MIRA lol This is my daily drive these days; now I have a car I can use while I build my L500


Welcome to the forum.
What did you do with the extra drain hole in the ej block? Did it require blocking with the Ef head?

Yes. The drain hole to the front of the block was blocked.

I’ve been running this set up over two years. The first time I jus blocked it and had breathers in the valve cover; but as the boost and power went up so did the oil splattering out of the cover. So I had the block drilled; copying crankcase breather that runs in the ED and EF block.

Another approach would be to tap the front of the same vent that was blocked off and run a 90 degree fitting. I didn’t go that route because the exhaust and turbo is in that area; and I don’t want any oil vapor along that hot area


good to see you here Fortis. Wow the rooster looks so good now. Ive always liked most version’s of it but this just looks so good.

I’m not done yet bro; the evolution continues :smiling_imp: #supersayain