Handi/Cuore vs Sirion wheel track (front)

So my Handi has been tinkered with in the past. I suspect some Sirion bits have been put in the front. Front wheel track is increased ~24mm each side, which combined with my +20 offset wheels is a black flag for getting it blue slipped / engineered.

Interestingly, being a Handi classifies it as a commerical vehicle and allows for a legal 50mm increase in wheel track as opposed to 40mm for the Cuore apparently.

What part(s) from a Sirion are potentially causing my issue? Just arms/hub? Probably drive shafts too? I can provide pics if required.

Apologies if already answered in this forum, but searching “Sirion wheel track” just brings up cool Sirion track builds XD

Correct me if I’m wrong. But i believe that only the hub, arms and wheels etc can change the trackwidth. That ofcourse also means other driveshafts. So that would mean that your right.

Interested to see someone else’s take on this.

presuming your Handi is like the Cuore type Handi. Then I would say it would be the LCA’s and drive shafts are sirion and possibly sway bar. Does it have camber on the front? If so that would be a tell tale sign.
When people do a K3 swap this is something that some that is something done or forgotten with the sirion parts.

A bit of camber but not really noticable. Sounds like I’ll be pulling all the front suspension off and doing some measurements.