Hd-e oem performance swaps

sorry - didnt know how to word it
just wondering if anyone is a wiz on the hd / hc engine bits?

i know there are a few bits you can swap around the two with oem parts to get the best combo
also that there is an ecu difference - that the JDM version of g200 Gti was almost 20hp up on exported version

But wondering if anyone has stuffed around with this stuff and if they have a recipe book?

im looking at doing some standard production events in a detomaso and can do this sort of stuff to get it up to spec …just wondering if anyone knows any specifics?

thanks for looking

No Gtti for this Hart? I have had some dealings with your bro, he is a switched on dude.

The HC pistons fit the HD (same bore) and will raise the compression from 9.5:1 to 11:1. I have done it in my car, it works fine as long as you run it on 98. Both motors run the same con rods.

I don’t know specifically the differences between the JDM and non JDM Detomaso. Other HDs like the Applause do not have extractors and run a different camshaft (around 10 degrees less duration) compared to the JDM Detomaso.

The 1.3 ECU has a higher rpm limit, but its not much use in the 1.6 without more serious mods - power in the bigger motor drops off pretty quick above 6.5K.

Thanks bro, that’s awesome info!
Yes, I’ve had my share of cb70’s , almost ten I think :blush:
I’m mainly into my k3s now
But for what I was looking to do, you can’t run a turbo engine unfortunately …and its a 0-2L class
I was going to go for a sirion but can’t get one cheap enough