HD head onto HC block?

Hello everyone, I have a 1.3L HC Terios and a head from a 1.6L Feroza HD engine. I believe they go together but I just wanted to check if anyone know of any issues that may pop up?
Also correct me if I’m wrong but the HD has a better cam and bigger valves. Dose the head itself have bigger ports?
My plan is to freshen up the 1.3L block and simply bolt the 1.6L head on and then run the car in the Terios as a “standard 1.3L”…Will the ECU cope?

I have noticed no difference between the heads.


Should be exactly the same.

As in the ports and combustion chambers are the same?

Yep they are exactly the same part number, they both changed part number in 1992 but i’m not sure why probably and emissions thing if i had to guess.

Yeah I think your on it, I measured the valves and they are the same sizes.
So the only thing I haven’t measured yet is the cam, are the cams the same too? (if so it seems like a restriction on the HD’s for sure)

cams are different between the motors, gets talked about every now and then so if you do a quick search you should find some good info and peoples experiences :slight_smile:

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