Hello Dai-harders!

Good day to you all, it would seem I have finally found an active Daihatsu forum.

I am in the UK and currently own a 1991 Eunos Roadster which I am planning on selling late September after the MOT has been done, 99% sold on a J1 Terios as a replacement for a bit of off road camping adventuring.

Any tips and tricks to attaining a good one would be very much appreciated!


Hi and welcome to the forum, We aew mainly based in australia but have a few members from the uk and other parts of the world.

hi mate welcome,
With the Terios from what I have learnt from other’s as I haven’t owned one myself is if you are looking for the older “H” series engine powered Terios and then look for signs of overheating etc as some of these engine’s can be prone to head gasket’s. If you are looking for the newer “k3” powered engine (from about yr 2000) then look for signs of blowing a fair bit of smoke or using excessive oil. This engine can be prone to the rings getting gummed up and the result is burning and/or using excessive oil. If either engine has been looked after then they should be fine but alot of the time (in AU) they have been neglected.
If you dont know the difference and get mixed up with which model is which. The way I tell is if the instrument cluster has a blue/purple background for tacho and speedo then it is H series and if it is white then it is K3.
I hope this may help a little.

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Welcome. Looking forward to hearing about and seeing your dai.