Hello everyone - Australia

Hello everyone, new fella from the land down under here.


Hi :slight_smile: welcome. we’re mainly Australia based but do have members from everywhere around the world.

I’m all the way down in Tassie :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome. There are a few members down your way. Can’t wait for some pics and a bit of a background story.

There is going to be a lot of upgrades/mods in the works. Joined this forum to help source some parts an gain valuable knowledge. I’ll be putting up a post soon.
I’ve fallen in love with my little buzz box, and not getting rid of it anytime soon.


Found a few Facebook groups on Daihatsu vehicles but they all seem to be euro based with same but different variants.

We have a livetodai.com FB group. There is some good stuff on there, but, the better stuff is on here I reckon. Still worth a join, it’s very active.

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Thanks for that mate.

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Welcome Snaz.

They are easy cars to become attached to - it is awesome to go to Japan and see them everywhere and newer versions.

welcome to the forum :smiley:

Here info is not lost into the abyss as on Facebook and the culture here is more down to business with far less nonsense and barely any immature behaviour